Avoid Overpaying on your FedEx & UPS Shipping Costs

Do you know if you have good, bad, or great discounts? With nearly $1B in shipping through our platform, we do.

More Shipping Savings

There are many moving parts to the shipping process, and staying on top of it all can be a full time job.

71lbs makes it easier with tools to track packages, quickly access Proof of Delivery, or spot unusual activity that suggests something went awry (or is even suspicious) with shipments.

And we now offer Amazon Refunds too!

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Quickly Refute Those False Chargebacks

An unavoidable part of the sales process is the occasional chargeback from a forgetful or unscrupulous customer. With our Proof of Delivery tool you can provide the credit card company with the recipient’s signature within seconds.

Preemptive Customer Service Tools

Sometimes the carriers will mess up. Sometimes the package will be late getting to your customer. But your customers are depending on you...
Not to worry. Our Premium Tracking tool will allow you to call your customer BEFORE the originally scheduled delivery time to inform them that their package will be late. Think how appreciative they will be!

Wait, What’s That Shipment?!

While it may not be immediately obvious, your shipments tend to have some common characteristics that identify them as your normal activity. Our shipping exception reporting tools will help you quickly identify those shipments that don’t quite fit, spending less time catching possible fraud, unauthorized packaging or service changes, etc.

Let’s reinvent the way you look at shipping.