How It Works

Provide us your shipping information

Enter your and/or credentials. You do nothing else.

We monitor your shipments

Our system compares your shipments to the carriers’ guaranteed time commitments.

We notify you of your approved refunds

We ensure FedEx & UPS credit 100% of your shipping cost. If you don’t save money, you don’t pay.

   The Fine Print of the FedEx & UPS Money Back Guarantee Policy
Every FedEx & UPS parcel shipment comes with a money-back-guarantee. If your overnight shipment is late, even by 60 seconds, you should get 100% of your money back. If your ground shipment is late, even by one day, you should also get a full refund. You only have 15 days to claim a refund for a service delivery failure.   Read about the Fedex MBG Policy and the UPS MBG Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 71lbs?

71lbs is a software company with a “set-and-forget” system that allows our customers to easily and automatically collect late-shipment refunds owed to them via the FedEx & UPS money-back-guarantee.

Why not do the audits myself?

You certainly can. The trade-off is opportunity cost. If 4-6% of your shipments are potentially late, you will have to manually audit 94-to-96 “good” shipments to find the 4-to-6 late ones. If you have the people and resources to do this, then by all means you should. Most of our customers outsource this to us given our contingency-based model.

What is your service fee?

We collect half of the refunds we get for you. We have no sign-up fees and no monthly fees. We only make money after we save you money, so our interests are aligned.

Do we need to sign a long-term contract?

Absolutely not. There is no long-term obligation. We work on a month-to-month basis. If you are not happy with our services, you can cancel anytime.

Will this affect my carrier relationship in any way?

No, the promise made to you by FedEx and UPS includes guaranteeing on-time delivery. If these guarantees are not met, they promise to refund your shipping costs. You are not receiving any extra benefits. This is part of their commitment to you for using their services.

Why the name “71lbs”?

One of the several hundred accessorial fees you could be charged is for a package weighing over 70 lbs. Why should you pay more, even when you’re still paying by the pound? It’s our way of calling out the carriers on this.